‘ello strangers!

Goodness me. A week has flown by with no blog posts and I barely even noticed. I’m still awaiting my new computer (finally ordered though, hurrah) and decided to luxuriate in the long weekend we’ve just had, courtesy of Mr Duke and Mrs Duchess, down in Brighton. I’ve even started swimming! Wonders will never cease…

I was trying to not care about the nuptials, and all the hoo-ha surrounding them, but I’m afraid I was sucked in for the ceremony. My excuse is that it was because a very lovely and ridiculously talented friend of mine had been working on The Dress for the Royal School of Needlework and her excitement was infectious. It’s always nice to have the inside scoop on such a thing as well, and I’m so immensely proud of her!

On a mini-jaunt to Cambridgeshire, I found the most divine thing for myself in an Ely charity shop.

Your eyes are not deceiving you! It is a suitcase, and it is covered in striped chenille. Made by renowned luggagiers (yes, I made that up…) ‘Antler’, it’s so perfectly Seventies and so perfectly ‘me’. A snip at £5, and seemingly never used, I was unable to resist. Even if it never actually goes on any trips, due to lack of wheels and innate heaviness, it will still perform the function of storage with the added benefit of aesthetic appeal.

On Sunday we jaunted to Standen House, which is a simply perfect Arts and Crafts house near East Grinstead (see top photo). It was almost surreal, seeing those oft-reproduced William Morris textiles in an authentic setting. It has managed to retain the warm atmosphere of a family house and, although we chose tea and cake over walking around the grounds (limited time and a descending chill in the air), I think the surrounding land would be well worth a visit alone if you’re ever in the area.

Anyway, after a lovely lunch with the gorgeous Laurakitty yesterday and sushi with another dear friend in the evening, I find it’s now Thursday and I’ve been completely lazy for a whole week. Whoops! Back to work and back to blogging.

So sorry for not having been around to comment on your blogs, I will do my best to make amends!


6 Comments on “‘ello strangers!”

  1. Mo says:

    A chenille suitcase that is insanely chic. I had a chat with our talented friend this week and she is still giddy from it all. So proud x

  2. Perdita says:

    I adore Standen, you sum its appeal up perfectly.That suitcase is 70s-fabulous. Chenille. Genius, pure 70s genius.

  3. I've always meant to go to Standen.The suitcase is FABULOUS! xx

  4. Miss Rayne says:

    Fab suitcase, i have a 30s antler suitcase which could be called chenille, i had to sew it back together, but for £1 it seemed worth it. It has sort of a tweedy look. I keep some of my Raynes in it.

  5. Smashingbird says:

    That is one very cool suitcase!

  6. laurakitty says:

    Just saw this- it was so lovely having lunch with you! And that suitcase is fab!

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