Colour blocking, 1971 style

So the great, the good and the not so great or good are constantly telling me/us that colour blocking is back in a big way this summer. Well, such information tends to make me either run for the hills, or stay and stick my tongue out/dig my heels in/yawn dramatically/stick my nose in the air.

However, i) I like colours, blocked or not and ii) this spread from Vanity Fair (July 1971) shows me how it *should* be done, courtesy of the likes of Foale and Tuffin and Mr Freedom, in true Glam Rock style.


8 Comments on “Colour blocking, 1971 style”

  1. Smashingbird says:

    Yay, I have those same Biba boots! Gonna pinch your scan for my files if that's ok!? x

  2. love the Tuffin and Foale ….I had a coat in those colors c. 1970, blue with big rings around the armholes. I bought it in Margate market…think it was a Wallis knockoff (or fell off the back of a lorry) Wish I still had beret to match with a yellow flower applique

  3. I too tend to avoid the trendiest thing as to not look like a fashion victim follower! I love how you show the proper way to execute the style, haphazard this look isn't!

  4. Claire says:

    Those yellow socks are just..I want them.

  5. Perdita says:

    'This season', is it…pshaw to the Great And The Good, 'colour blocking' has been my way since I was old enough to choose my own outfit for my schoolfriend's birthday parties. I love the bright sun hat, might have to scour ebay this evening for some floppy headwear in a suitable hue…

  6. Calamity Jem says:

    One word…AWESOMENESS!Hope you've had a fabulous Easter break.Take care luv,Jem…xXx

  7. two birds says:

    agreed! these pictures are amazing! i want each outfit!

  8. Brilliant! I want that blue outfit in the top picture xx

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