Time and lace

Lace has an unquantifiable eternal appeal. There is something magical about those fine threads, weaving and winding around and holding each other together in cobweb patterns and floral motifs. So I was captivated when I found this original late 1930s dress recently, in deepest cranberry and in remarkable condition.

It still has its original taffeta slip (also with a lace trim at the neckline which is just visible under the dress) and a matching jacket which has the most extraordinary stiffened peplum, giving an otherwise romantic dress a distinctly sculptural, avant garde edge. Newly listed over at Vintage-a-Peel.


6 Comments on “Time and lace”

  1. Calamity Jem says:

    Wow, that's a real showstopper of a frock. The colour is gorgeous & I love the peplum jacket.Someone is going to look a million bucks in this….xXx

  2. Smashingbird says:

    What a stunning piece, it must have been hard to let this one go.p.s. I thought you'd love the belt! I have photographed all my watches but they came out rubbish so I'll redo them this week…

  3. the stiffened peplum is something else!

  4. MyStyle says:

    Hi there-very gorgeous indeed, a lovely colour and a wonderful style xx

  5. ORGH. That little peplum is drool-worthy xx

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