Mensday: St. Bruno (again)

Slightly less absurd/offensive than the last one I posted, but only slightly…. From May 1973

This post is especially for the guy who thinks my blog is ‘frightening’. Well, I have to keep up the good work, don’t I?


4 Comments on “Mensday: St. Bruno (again)”

  1. Perdita says:

    International St Bruno man!?! Does he watch camels and emus?? Just remembering the last ad!!

  2. Smashingbird says:

    I do like a chap with a pipe.

  3. Eeek says:

    Fabulous!!! Loving the pipe!!! See pipes can be trendy too!!! Not just for your grand dad!!

  4. Miss Rayne says:

    Straight during the week and gay on sundays?

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