Mensday: Dudes (various)


It’s Mensday. And Mensday means dudes. If you have a dude, keep a very tight hold of him. They’re very hard to come by…






3 Comments on “Mensday: Dudes (various)”

  1. Perdita says:

    That last 'even better than it looks' pic made me snort in realisation that his rollneck-belt duo is similar to what I am actually wearing. Metrosexuality!Talking of the 's' word- is the lady in the 1st pic wearing any pants??

  2. Oh dear, there's some shockers there. That bloke's wispy 'tache with the Dubonnet reminds me of the style favoured by the townies of my youth. xxx

  3. Miss Rayne says:

    The last one may be a girl in a moustache and a push up bra

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