Inspirational Images: Coats at Waterloo Station, 1972

Photo by Roger Charity. Petticoat, October 1971.

Left: Alexander Newman, Right: Electric Fittings

February is roughly the time I feel like I can step out of my boots and into some nice shoes again. Not least because my favourite boots are completely falling to bits right now. *whimper*. I also enjoy taking to the lighter-weight coats and jackets. Spring can’t come quickly enough for me right now…

9 Comments on “Inspirational Images: Coats at Waterloo Station, 1972”

  1. Perdita says:

    That green and red number is wonderful!

  2. J'adore those yellow platforms.

  3. Ali says:

    ah, I love everything in this picture… except maybe the shoes on the girl on the left. But I love how her shoelaces match her gloves, beret and coat buttons. it's almost enough to make me wish for winter to arrive in australia but I'm enjoying the summer too much…

  4. Helga! says:

    OMG that plaid coat!! OMG those lemon shoes!!! Drool!!!x

  5. Oh that photo is wonderful!! I cant wait to get into spring now too x

  6. Helena Halme says:

    i think my mother had something very similar to that green one! Great photo.Helena xx

  7. viviane says:

    wow, the platforms are really sooo gorgeous! follow your blog now, as I love vintage and blog about the 70s style, too :)xx vivianehippiebohoreloaded

  8. laurakitty says:

    Love the plaid coat with the red tights and yellow shoes- such a fab combination of colours.

  9. […] left: Anthropologie’s Instagram right: Waterlook Station, 1971 via Miss Peelpants […]

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