Mensday: Which day is your man?

Shame on me, I clean forgot about Mensday. But I’m going to make amends (ahaha) for this today. Yes, yes, I know it’s Friday. But it’s also my boyfriend’s birthday and so Mensday is rescheduled in his honour.

I’m also geeking out because look up there ^ – it’s the Annacat blouse I’ve just listed for sale over at Vintage-a-Peel. I only just noticed!

Petticoat, September 1968. Photos by Andrei Punsuh.


3 Comments on “Mensday: Which day is your man?”

  1. He shares a birthday with Yoko Ono and Meredith Ostrom?! That's just weird. As if it isn't weird enough that those two ladies share a birthday, LOL!Friday's man made me relive the nightmare of walking round Leeds with a bloke in a pink suit. *shivers* I'm usually all for individual dressing, but that was a traumatic teenage experiance for me. (no, the bloke wasn't wearing make-up, he was trying to be Paul McCartney from the Mad Day Out pictures… apparently)

  2. Perdita says:

    My husband is the campest straight man (that kind of 60s super-neat-'ard-man camp!) in the universe … and with this line up it's hard to choose!

  3. Ali says:

    I love the girl's outfit on the thursday card. she looks perfect!I have no idea what day of the week my boyfriend was born on

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