Sometimes I forget…

…to post about new listings over here. How daft is that? I suppose it’s not bad daft, it just means I have way too much fun posting pretty or weird (or both) pictures and raving about strange things. But this blog’s existence is due, in no small part, to its progenitor Anyway, there have been a few new listings, the first of 2011 (because I’m slow and have had a lot of dressing work going on too), and there are definitely more to come. I’m slowly prising an Ossie from my grasp, so I’ll let you know when that happens….

Above is a superb playing card printed Miss Mouse satin coat. One of the best things I’ve ever seen!

Rare early Saint Laurent Rive Gauche piece (late Sixties)

Junior Gaultier high waisted red pencil skirt with applique details (Nineties)

Beaded black velvet bustier (late Eighties)

White cotton broderie anglaise Annacat blouse (Sixties)

Printed chiffon Wallis smock top (Seventies)

Rare John Bates for Jean Varon linen lace-up detail mini dress (Sixties)

White cotton wrap shirt by Vivienne Westwood Red Label (Nineties)

Cadbury’s purple velvet cocktail dress by Antony Price (Eighties)

5 Comments on “Sometimes I forget…”

  1. I do the same, though have to admit I've been useless with teh shop lately anyway. The Miss Mouse coat is absolutely DIVINE.

  2. MyStyle says:

    Hi my dear-thanks for your lovely comment and I notice from your Wallis top my dress is from the 70s rather than the 80s, which was my original assumption. You've a wonderful selection available, my favourites are the Jean Varon floral dress and the Janice Wainwright dress and the Wallis top is just gorgeous too! xx

  3. The Miss Mouse coat is to die for! xx

  4. WendyB says:

    Have some pity for some of us who like to shop!

  5. What fab pieces the red pencil skirt is particularily striking!! I always forget to do things, life gets in the way x

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