Illustration Eye Candy


It’s been a while since the last one so…






8 Comments on “Illustration Eye Candy”

  1. Perdita says:

    Love it that look pants are £1.80… but if you want the extreme version it leaps up to OVER £2!! Pricey.

  2. I know. Although I think 50p might be a small price to pay for SUPER LOONS.I'm just in love with the whole 'guys' and 'chicks' thing too. Oh! to finally find that time travelling postbox of my dreams…

  3. I'd love me some super loons! I can remember Boot's 17 packaging looking like that. Isn't EGG a strange sounding dress make? Great finds. xxx

  4. These are lovely. I had the 17 illustration on my bedroom wall! I'd love a copy now xx

  5. Smashingbird says:

    These are fab, especially love the "be a chick for a change" These little ads are my favourite thing about old magazines, I always wondered if people actually ordered from them!

  6. brownwindsor says:

    Dynathigh, Wigwham, Eggs … superb.The Dynathigh ad is very beautiful and evocative, especially with the wonky Letraset. Do you think the ladies at Wigwham stressed the 'h' in the manner of Stewie Griffin when answering the phone?"Wighwam of South Molton Street. May I help you?"

  7. laurakitty says:

    I scanned that Dynathigh ad the other day! I wish I looked like those girls…

  8. luxhedera says:

    I'll scan the illustrations from the 17 beauty book I told you about some time ago in a comment and send them to you. Feel free to use them. 🙂

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