Sometimes, you just don’t want or need to smile. It doesn’t make you moody, it doesn’t make you gothic, it’s a natural reaction of a thoughtful and reflective personality.

I am intermittently feeling gloomy and frustrated, and quite calm and reflective. Typical January I suppose. I want floaty dresses, loose, wild hair and dark eyes. I want some peace and quiet, and some inspiration…

I love the word “contemplative”. Just thinking about it, trying to pronounce it properly, it is immensely satisfying.


10 Comments on “Contemplative”

  1. Helga! says:

    Gorgeous pix!!! Especially that first one. I'm quite often contemplative, and get driven mad by people wanting to know if I am ok….a girl can't be smiling all the time!

  2. You've just summed up exactly how I feel today. Those images are absolutely gorgeous, I think you've just inspired me. xxx

  3. Miss Rayne says:

    Yes that is definately a january feeling. Love the first picture, wish I could wear a scarf like that.

  4. Perdita says:

    Fabulous images!I actually get a little 'feminist' about the apparent pressure (on women) to smile, do the cutesy/oversimple 'self-affirmation-self-esteem' boosts and then…smile! It's almost as if women aren't supposed to think or be serious, the delicate little flowers might not be able to handle it. Right down to the teen-mag cliche 'boys don't like girls who don't smile' (there always seems to be the agenda that actually… they do… but those aint nice girls). There doesn't seem to be the same silly pressure on men.

  5. I've felt this way lately, too! I think it's this damn weather. I've mostly been contemplating the days until the grass is green and showing instead of mashed under layers of dirty old snow. *Sigh*Hugs, Kara of Carnivorous Deer Vintage Style

  6. Who's the first picture of? It's stunning!Lovely pictures of Kate Bush and Jean Shrimpton that I'd never seen before. Gorgeous xx

  7. Thank you one and all. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one feeling like this right now… Christina, it's Evelyn Brent xx

  8. WendyB says:

    What if I ALWAYS NEED TO SMILE?!?!

  9. LUX says:

    This sums up Portland Oregon all January……rain hitting the window as you gaze……

  10. Gorgeous! Smiling is only really nice when it's not a false one!

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