Big Softie

Coat by Elgee. Gaucho pants by Thea Porter. Boots by Sacha.

I cry at everything. Songs on the radio. Films. Commercials. Nice things people say, do and write. My new niece. I’m the soppiest softie you could ever meet. And despite looking longingly at skimpier clothes and hoping for an improvement in the weather, I still love wrapping myself up in the softest velvets. I’m a complete sucker for textures which match my mood, and velvet is definitely protecting me from the horrors of the outside world right now. I adore this velvet-obsessed spread (entitled Velvet: The soft touch) from The Observer Magazine from December 1970. Photos by Steve Hiett.

I’ve got an incredible velvet Antony Price dress to be photographed and listed in the next week or so (along with lots of other goodies) but until then, I’ve still got an amazing velvet Forbidden Fruit dress and a Lee Bender for Bus Stop for sale in case you need a fix…

By Nettie Vogues. Boots by Charles Jourdan.

By Susan Small. Brooch by Thea Porter.

By Polly Peck. Boots by Biba.

By Gillian Richards. Shoes by Charles Jourdan.


6 Comments on “Big Softie”

  1. The Susan Small and Elgee – WANT.

  2. MyStyle says:

    Hi there-wonderful outfits, my fave here is the Susan Small dress, really sumptuous and stylish!!

  3. How gorgeous? I love everything. xxx

  4. Smashingbird says:

    Mmmm looovely velvet. The biba boots are amazing, I'd love a pair in something other than canvas.

  5. Spikklubba says:

    Fantastic, love the red coat.

  6. laurakitty says:

    Gosh, I really do want every single pieces pictured here! That Polly Peck outfit is something else… And is it any wonder that velvet is my favourite fabric when there are such great clothes made out if it, such as these!

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