Mensday: What to wear to get your man / What to get your man to wear

Beautifully photographed and styled shoot with the slightly needy/domineering title as above. Curious.

Doing what I do, I’m in a good position to find and gift some [what I think are] beautiful clothes to my boyfriend. But I’m always hyper-aware that I don’t want to be the kind of girlfriend who tries to mould or change, in style or in any sense. And while I certainly enjoy dressing well for his delectation, I’m not the kind of girl who is ever really going to dress just to please a man. I consider it a happy accident that we have very similar sensibilities, so it’s not something I really have to worry about these days.

It’s a hard balance to strike, because our notions of sex-appeal and prettiness are invariably influenced by what we know men find appealing. Even the ‘anti fashion’ brigade dress in a way which they know will appeal to a similarly ‘anti fashion’ kind of man they might fancy. They may deny it, but it’s hard to separate style and sex-appeal on any level. An unwearably bonkers couture dress still reeks of money and power, which are alluring to many a man.

I’ve always had a slightly Good Cop/Bad Cop approach to dressing for my previous boyfriends. Rarely have they ever truly appreciated everything I’ve owned. On a good day, for them, I would shove ‘that top I don’t like’ to the back of my closet. On a bad day, for them, I would wear the exact opposite of what I knew they liked. I enjoyed knowing that it reflected badly on their taste, and well on mine of course.

From Petticoat, July 1969. Photos by Brian Songhurst.

If I walked into a club and saw three men dressed like this lot, I think I’d have to do a star jump onto them. Yum!


6 Comments on “Mensday: What to wear to get your man / What to get your man to wear”

  1. MrJeffery says:

    i love these! thanks for sharing.

  2. Perdita says:

    My husband is appalled by my taste and hates all my non-vintage, overtly street/kawaii stuff.However ironically he refuses to criticise me on days I dress like that and even buys stuff for me- I used to have a controlling ex who 'dressed' me, hence he does this as a deliberate sign of respect. Which is of course an attractive and civilised way to behave… so even though it's not the clothes themselves it's still about luurve in a way!!

  3. Smashingbird says:

    You know I love it! I really like the belt over that super shoulder button jumper. I'm very lucky that my o.h. & I like very similar styles, but in all our time together he has never bought any clothes for me. I guess he knows better by now….

  4. Miss Rayne says:

    Back in the day when I was first going out with my husband he told me I could dress him vintage. Unfortunately back then there wasn't much vintage for men around unless you wanted 501s and baseball jackets.All I managed to get him was a 40s suit. Now of course everyone else wants vintage too so its not so easy to find affordable items for the few times a year he wears it. hey ho.Wish I could get him to wear velvet trousers though…

  5. Luckily The Actor likes my clothes, but if he didn't that's tough.I love the Jean Varon hooded dress and the Corocraft headband. If you ever come across one of those please let me know xx

  6. viviane says:

    Hi, I'm just about to check out your lovely blog, hoping we could follow one another with google friend connect? I follow you now :)Really love the white floral blouse, so charming!xx vivianehippiebohoreloaded

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