Hollywood Clothes Shop

There are a few boutiques, Alkasura and Che Guevara included, whose work is painfully abugly. Flat feet are not sexy and elegant.”

Hollywood Clothes Shop sounds like it was one of the best examples of those playfully indulgent Boutique interiors at the time, although its brevity of existence means that there’s not a lot of imagery to correlate with the descriptions of old cinema seats, and the mannequins, paintings and photographs of movie stars. So I was rather delighted to spot some delicious photos of Edina Ronay sporting some of the frocks in the boutique itself. Thank heavens for the ‘Vogue’s Own Boutique’ feature. From February 1971.

Here, Edina Ronay stars in clothes from the new Hollywood Clothes Shop, on Hollywood Road, where else? Zipped plaid jacket, below, 14 gns (£14.70). Stylish crepe and sparkling sequin cocktail suit of deep claret, 12 gns (£12.60), with turban of wrapped velvet and snakeskin, with authentic pin, 8gns (£8.40).


8 Comments on “Hollywood Clothes Shop”

  1. Mo says:

    Fascinating stuff, your knowledge of the 70's is wonderful. You must spend an awful lot of time researching.Mo x

  2. Fabulous pictures and facts! I love the first one, Edina looks stunning xx

  3. Fabulous! Your blog always teaches me something I didn't know.Happy New Year. xxx

  4. Smashingbird says:

    I'd love a piece from there too….. how about turban of wrapped velvet & snakeskin? swoon.

  5. Sigh at fabulousness of photos. I'm always absorbed by your great journeys into fashion history.xx Comtesse xx

  6. Perdita says:

    Lovely pictures. Although, I must say (even as a 70s fashion/glam obsessive) I have always had issues with his philosophies.For example I would counter the flat shoes/trainers thing… I wouldn't wear an ugly bikini (and I might wear one shopping were it warm enough), just as I would never wear an ugly trainer. To insist all sports wear is ugly is (a) shortsighted and (b) a bit of a cop out – the challenge is how to make something beautiful out of something mundane (that's how denim and the handbag as we know it- thanks to Chanel- were invented).

  7. Louise says:

    Gorgeous pics. What a find.

  8. Great pictures. I really need to get that book on boutique LonDon, I hadn't even heard of this one.

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