Listing a little bit to the side…

…over on that there website, Vintage-a-Peel. So if you need anything to wear whilst listing a little bit to the side, due to brandy/mulled wine/champagne consumption over the festive season, please do take a look and see if there’s anything you might fancy over yonder. We’ve got an amazing Janice Wainwright trouser suit, John Bates for Jean Varon (feathers a go-go!) Sixties dress, a fun fur Lulu jacket and a stunning sparkly Frank Usher shimmy dress from the early Sixties. There are some cheaper day dresses and separates as well, including a super early Top Shop dress in distinctly Biba style. Go! See!


2 Comments on “Listing a little bit to the side…”

  1. o!I liked a sweater-dress with orange lines

  2. MyStyle says:

    Hi my dear-very lovely pieces my dear!! x

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