Weekend Inspirations: The Furry Variations


7 Comments on “Weekend Inspirations: The Furry Variations”

  1. Smashingbird says:

    Just gorgeous. I do know what I would do without fur (vintage of course!) in the winter. Now I just need some of those thigh high leather boots….

  2. Favourite is Diana in leopard, closely followed by the tartan coat and black/white. Will be wearing my bunny coat out tonight, brrr! x

  3. MyStyle says:

    Hi there-a very glamorous post indeed, love it! x

  4. Helga! says:

    Who could say no?!

  5. Tarkus says:

    In italian "furs" is "pelliccia"."fur" = "pelo"in south Italy = "pilu"!

  6. Fab post! I love the pictures you've chosen, most of which I hadn't seen before.I did a post on fur with pictures from a mixture of eras here: http://fashionsmostwanted.blogspot.com/2010/11/fabulous-in-fur.htmlxx

  7. Christina, it's funny you should say that!! I kept finding your post as I was looking for extra images and kept thinking 'well I can't use the ones Christina has used…and she's used some REALLLLLLY good ones that *I'd* never seen before!!'. So I'm very chuffed to be able to show you some you might not have seen! 😉

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