Not only did Mary Quant invent the mini*, the duvet cover*, tights*, make-up*, the bread bin*, hotpants* and pvc clothing*, but I can now exclusively reveal that she also invented…

…the vitamin pill!

From October 1968

*All nonsense in my opinion, but I have only “made up” one of them. I’ll leave you to decide which one…


6 Comments on “Newsflash!”

  1. I wouldn't just take it with a glass of water, I would take it with a very liberal pinch of salt.

  2. I remember how spotty wearing Mary Quant make-up made me whan I was a kiddie raiding Mum's stuff. Eeeekkk. xxx

  3. brownwindsor says:

    Oh but if only this Mary Quant, who single-handedly originated all post-war British culture, could somehow be elected to run Broken Britain!It may be our only hope.

  4. Penny Dreadful Quite right too!!Vintage Vixen My nan worked in the factory which used to make and package the Mary Quant make-up, so the crayons were a staple part of my childhood dresssing up facilities. And they were crap, especially compared to Barry M or Biba!Brownwindsor "You see, nobody had thought to do the 'Big Society' so I decided to invent it…"

  5. Such a busy woman, that Mary Quant! If only she'd thought of The Beatles and Pop Art. Shoot!

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