James Wedge the Milliner

James Wedge the Milliner

I’m often yapping on about the genius of James Wedge’s photography, but I have been meaning to share this very rare, very precious part of fashion history and of my personal collection for a while now. Wedge is one of those rare Renaissance-man types; successful in every new skill to which he turned his hand. He successfully ran his own boutiques (Countdown and Top Gear), forged a career in photography with no experience or working knowledge (trial and error often creates some of the best works of art) and, initially, he trained and worked as a milliner.

 James Wedge hats in Vogue

James Wedge hats in Vogue

His hats were regularly featured in Vogue in the early to mid Sixties, often teamed with outfits by his friends Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin, and are some of the most perfect examples of mod ‘op-art’ ever created. But they weren’t being produced for long, or in any great quantity, so they are now incredibly rare.

This hat splits me in half. I cannot wear fur. I just can’t. Not particularly morally, I eat meat and wear leather quite happily, but the feel on my skin is like nails down a blackboard. Consequently, a hat made from rabbit fur is a thing of beauty aesthetically but I wouldn’t wear it even if I could squish it over my big head. However, I can’t quite bring myself to sell it just yet. I mean… it’s James Wedge?!

James Wedge the Milliner


7 Comments on “James Wedge the Milliner”

  1. Miss Rayne says:

    That is something Emma Peel should have worn, inf act I'm sure she must have in her off-screen life.

  2. Oh it's fab! I know what you mean about wearing fur, I'm vegetarian and wear leather shoes but it's just a step too far plus I've got a mahoosive head, too. xxx

  3. Smashingbird says:

    What a fab item indeed, it would be perfect to wear at the moment! I love these sort of items that capture the 60s soo perfectly. Keep it, you'll only regret selling it!

  4. The hat is gorgeous! Unfortunately I feel exactly the same as you. Fur on my head would make me cringe. I would just think I had something dead on there. Mad really as I eat meat and wear leather. If there was a sheepskin version I could wear it, mad isn't it? xx

  5. brownwindsor says:

    Why was there never a King's Road boutique called Renaissance Man? Amazing really.

  6. What a splendid idea brownwindsor! Can't think why Mr Wedge didn't come up with that.Seems you might need to do it yourself! 😉

  7. MyStyle says:

    Hi my dear-that really is so gorgeous-very uniquely styled. I'm into faux and real fur as long is its vintage of course. I found a beaver fur and velvet lined vintage hood at Spitalfields on Sunday for £15.

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