Inspirational Images: Diana Rigg

Circa 1966. Scanned from the Television Stars annual of 1966.

Diana Rigg in a lace catsuit. What’s not to love?


8 Comments on “Inspirational Images: Diana Rigg”

  1. Calamity Jem says:

    Wow, that cat suit is spectacular!What a fabulous pic, Diana was a devastatingly beautiful woman back in those days.…xXx

  2. WendyB says:

    Why can't I learn to pose like that?

  3. …and a great chair, too. xxx

  4. Miss Rayne says:

    Desperately want those shoes (Rayne or not)

  5. Wendy, Why can't I *insert anything Diana Rigg does* like that? ;)Oh yes, of course, the chair. Still kicking myself for not buying a black and white one of them a few years back. I have a lovely Lloyd Loom chair, but I'm a sucker for those (although I haven't got a clue what they're called, anyone??).And I'm very much with you on the shoes, Miss Rayne. They're AMAZING.

  6. I've got a black and white one, I found it dumped in a skip years ago. Our Antipodean sisters call it a "coolie" chair. xxx

  7. Lady J says:

    This pic is so SERIOUS. I love it!

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