Cathy McGowan’s Boutique

One of my treasured pieces of fashion ‘ephemera’ is a flimsy paper catalogue for Cathy McGowan’s boutique range of clothes, which launched in 1965. I was pleased for it to be used in Richard Lester’s new book Boutique London: A History: King’s Road to Carnaby Street but, since only the front page was scanned and featured, I thought I ought to scan and share the rest of it!

Cathy ended up getting married in an amazing Celia-print Ossie Clark dress, but at this point she was alternating between Foale and Tuffin and Biba for presenting Ready Steady Go!. You can see a definite Foale and Tuffin influence in these clothes, I think, and I have often wondered how ‘proper’ designers at the time felt about these strange new celebrity “boutiques”.


11 Comments on “Cathy McGowan’s Boutique”

  1. Was that for Freemans' catalogue? All the celebs of the day used to have a range in there. How fab, very air-hostess chic. Great prices, too. xxx

  2. Miss Rayne says:

    I've been watching Ready Steady Go just recently, she looked fab and Dusty Springfield too.

  3. Mrs Daniel says:

    Oh wow, I love every outfit in those pictures, what a great catalogue! And her hair is lush too. I once got a record from ebay of Cathy promoting her make-up range, with pictures of the range and also her in some of her clothes range. A few months later I managed to find a catsuit featured on the disc's sleeve on ebay, very pleased with those finds!

  4. TinTrunk says:

    Aw this really warms my heart – all those lovely old words like "fab," "smashing" and "thrilled"!And doesn't Cathy look adorable in everything? She wasn't intimidatingly gorgeous, but she was so appealing. I love how she looks like she's demonstrating one of her "Ready, Steady, Go!" dance steps in the last picture of her.Thanks so much for sharing this catalogue!

  5. The suit with the peter pan collar is just divine.

  6. Smashingbird says:

    What a fab thing to own, I'd love a piece of her stuff, because I love the label design, and it's a great bit of 60s pop culture. It's mad that every z lister and their mums have got a fashion or beauty range nowadays, I guess this is where it all started!

  7. Spikklubba says:

    So cute! Love the (typical for the 60s) simple style fashion photography. It still feels very modern.

  8. Tarkus says:

    Hi fascinating Miss,have a nice weekend!

  9. So glad you shared this,I could look at old catalogues all day, I love the litte tie detail on the black dress!

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