Inspirational Images: Jean Muir models backstage

Joanna Lumley, Kelly, J.J. and Roz Wilkins. 1970

Scanned from Jean Muir (exhibition book from 1980) by Leeds Art Galleries.


6 Comments on “Inspirational Images: Jean Muir models backstage”

  1. WendyB says:

    Absolutely fabulous!

  2. laurakitty says:

    This photo is amazing! I so want to be them- I feel like this is how I aspire to look most days when I pull my hair back like this and attempt the off-duty 70s ballerina look but somehow I fail miserably…

  3. Aren't they such an elegant bunch? I'm lusting after the delicious cuffs I can see on the rail. Oh, for a rummage. xxx

  4. This is such a wonderful image! Love it xx

  5. What a brilliant picture. I love a bit of Jean Muir xx

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