Inspirational Images: Pat Cleveland in Zandra Rhodes

Inspirational Images: Pat Cleveland in Zandra Rhodes
Pat Cleveland wearing a silk screened chiffon Zandra Rhodes caftan in the Manhattan residence of interior decorator Angelo Donghia.

Photographed by Ed Pfizenmaier.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Radical Rags. Early Seventies.


11 Comments on “Inspirational Images: Pat Cleveland in Zandra Rhodes”

  1. Calamity Jem says:

    I want to be her!Getting to wear that Zandra Rhodes extravaganza in such an amazing setting would be like a dream come true.Thanks for sharing this magnificent pic.Have a great weekend!Luv,Jem…xXx

  2. Utterly and totally gorgeous. She has a look of Kate Bush about her here. xxx

  3. Mondo says:

    The pattern looks like an inspiration for Westwood McLaren squiggle design

  4. I can't even pick my favourite bit of this image. Absolutely stunning, I would love a decadent loungeroom like that.

  5. Miss Rayne says:

    Come wis me to the Casbah!!!!!!!!

  6. I want to be in that dress in that room right now.Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  7. Smashingbird says:

    Sooo gorgeous, love the room too.

  8. Tarkus says:

    Beautiful!Never know her.Thank You Miss.

  9. WendyB says:

    Love. Beautiful!

  10. What an absolutely brilliant picture!! xx

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