Inspirational Images: Joan Buck in Ossie Clark

Joan Buck in Ossie Clark. Didier Duvall. Date unknown, late Sixties. Scanned from Radical Rags.

A delicious image in so many ways. A messy bed, creativity flowing, casually pulling on your Celia-print Ossie whilst looking into an impossibly tiny but beautiful mirror…


7 Comments on “Inspirational Images: Joan Buck in Ossie Clark”

  1. Mondo says:

    Have you been to the BME at 02? They've got one of the jumpsuits Ossie created for Mick Jagger on display – plus a ton of other rock and roll goodies, Marc Bolan's jacket, Dave Hill's Guitar, a super rare pair of Vivienne Westwood boots donated by Marco Pirroni – only 2 pairs ever made and he's got both.

  2. I love this shot, it reminds me of the lengths I'll go to checking myself out before I leave the house.Wonder what the original colours were like, bet they were glorious. xxx

  3. Helga! says:

    Indeed,that is jolly inspirational!!And soooo divine!x

  4. MyStyle says:

    Hi there-what a wonderful pose in front of the mirror and of course the dress is just simply gorgeous! Your Bill Gibb dress sounds a truly lovely find too, its great to find unique pieces in the most unlikely places!

  5. Wow! What an amazing picture!! I absolutely love it. I have one Ossie dress but sadly nothing with Celia's prints on. Thanks for sharing xx

  6. Mondo, I haven't managed it yet (amongst many other things I need to go and see). I can do without Mick Jagger's sweaty jumpsuits, Ossie or no Ossie (and have already seen one at the V&A) but I REALLY want to see all the rest. Plus they have one of Duran Duran's Antony Price suits from the Rio video, I think it's Roger Taylor's?So glad you all like the photo – I covet that Ossie sooooooo much. I think it was predominantly red, white and black but that's just the version I've seen.

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