Peek Inside The Boutique: Foale and Tuffin

Marion Foale (left) and Sally Tuffin in their boutique.

Foale and Tuffin Ltd

1 Marlborough Court W1

Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin spent three years designing clothes under their own label before opening the Foale and Tuffin boutique in 1965. Their designs, often based on history, are still sold to other stores and boutiques in Britain and they export to the U.S. and Europe as well. They design for a relaxed way of life and make clothes they or their friends could wear.

The Daily Telegraph Magazine, July 17th 1970

Photos by Duffy.

Chiffon blouse, £7, and three matching skirts, £7 each.

Printed cotton dress, £12 10s. Hair by Vidal Sassoon.


5 Comments on “Peek Inside The Boutique: Foale and Tuffin”

  1. That chiffon outfit *swoon*Imagine finding a Foale and Tuffin skirt for only £7 now!

  2. Hope Adela says:

    the dress in the second picture is so beautiful! i just adore your blog! =)

  3. Thank you Hope!!!Penny, I know! Although, stranger things have happened. I once nabbed an Ossie for one euro. I still dine out on that story…. 😉

  4. darley says:

    Hi Miss Peelpants
    Totally loving this blog. Do you have any idea who the model is in these pictures? Keep up the good work!

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