Must See Vintage Films: Ma Nuit Chez Maud

If you’re in or around London, and you like a bit of subtitling and high-brow theology (Honestly! Who doesn’t?), then I would highly recommend heading over to the South Bank and seeing My Night With Maud by Eric Rohmer at the BFI (or around the country in selected cinemas). I do so enjoy the South Bank on a Sunday; why on earth so few people seem to have worked out that you can have a lovely time south of the river I really cannot understand. Terrific food, drink, culture and it’s so [relatively] peaceful there. Which is mainly due to the lack of discovery by north of the river snobs, so I should probably hope that they don’t.

Back to the film, and pretty fascinating it was too. Even if I did end up with a subtitle-headache. Mainly due to the heavy philosophical aspect of the film, but also because it was hard to keep up when you’re so very distracted by the beauty of the eponymous heroine (Françoise Fabian). I have never wished so much for stronger French skills. And for smoking to not be an utterly revolting habit: the French make it look so damned elegant.

It’s almost impossible to write anything approaching a coherent review after one viewing, and to people who haven’t seen it. I certainly wouldn’t wish to spoil anything since it’s certainly the kind of film you benefit from knowing little about before viewing. So I won’t [attempt to write a review]. Just recommend it, very highly.


One Comment on “Must See Vintage Films: Ma Nuit Chez Maud”

  1. MyStyle says:

    Hi there-I too adore the South Bank and this film looks really worth watching!! Thanks for the lovely welcome back too!

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