Inspirational Images: Charlotte Rampling

Can it be…? That chain dress so beloved of Diana Rigg, and which I’m still desperate to identify? The dress colour and texture is different, but the chain effect looks very similar.

I love this shot of Charlotte Rampling; it’s a familiar pose. Me, sitting on the pouffe in front of my beloved art deco dressing table, wondering how on earth I’m going to do battle with my hair today…. Except I have genuine problems and clearly Ms Rampling does not.

by Philip Townsend

3 Comments on “Inspirational Images: Charlotte Rampling”

  1. u.v.ray. says:

    You seem to know all my favourite girls!Let's not forget Jane Birkin!

  2. TinTrunk says:

    Its great how sort of messy her dressing table looks – with that underwear peeping out of the top drawer. This photo has a faux candid feel which is convincing enough to make the picture. Love it.

  3. I can never forget Jane Birkin!You're right about the faux candid-ness of it. But I find that with most of Philip Townshend's pictures. I guess that's why he does such a roaring trade in his photos nowadays, because they're almost a hyper-real Sixties.

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