HMS Pinafore

I love this shoot from Vogue, July 1972 by David Hamilton (not diddy DJ David Hamilton, I am assured) who seems to have specialised in these dreamy, misty, blurry photos which capture the spirit of a perfect, hazy English summer’s day…

I love pinafores and mock pinafores. Something harking back to my childhood, no doubt. I went through a very bizarre phase (I was rather prone to them, I must confess….) where I couldn’t bear to wear skirts or trousers. I was convinced they would fall down, they never felt secure or tight enough, even shoved up under my armpits. So I lived in dresses and, mainly for school, pinafores.

5 Comments on “HMS Pinafore”

  1. Smashingbird says:

    I love the shoots by David Hamilton, you're soo right about the dreamy britishness. I wish I could jump into one!

  2. I love the photographs and fashion editorials from the 70's, the color saturation and all that soft focus makes me so happy.

  3. So dream like, seems perfect for a Sunday day dreaming..

  4. laurakitty says:

    Ooo, these are just dreamy! I'm a huge fan of pinafores and the ones in this editorial are just precious- the only ones I have are from the 30s, but I may have to try to track some of these ones down. I also love David Hamilton- even his soft-core porn is beautiful, because it is all lit with this softly diffused light that makes every thing look delicate and beautiful.

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