Nights in pink satin…

Dreamy pink satin gown from the glamorous Thirties. Demure in its high neckline, yet decadent in its sultry pink colour and divine heavy silk satin fabric. You can just imagine Ossie seeing this in a movie and thinking how he’d redesign it. But, as much as I love Ossie, sometimes the originals are the best. The billowing sleeves, the smocking, the tassled plaits around the neck and the waistline….simply heavenly. Loungewear? Eveningwear? It’s up to you…

Just listed over at

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3 Comments on “Nights in pink satin…”

  1. Helga! says:

    Hello doll-there is an award/tag thingy waiting for you on my blog!!!:)

  2. TinTrunk says:

    That colour is saying 'boudoir' to me. Absolutely divine!

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