Give me those happy days toytown newspaper smiles

There are a few people for whom I would dearly love to go back in time, purely to engulf them in the biggest hug of their life. Ossie Clark is one. Barry Evans is another. If I didn’t think he’d have me arrested for harassment, I’d go and find Richard O’Sullivan (Man About The House) and do it right now.

High up on my list is Ronnie Lane. Definitely my favourite Face, both Small and otherwise, and an absolute genius. He had it pretty rough in his later years, and he was just so gorgeous and fabulous, and all in all…very huggable.

I’ve been feeling a bit down lately, for various reasons, and a little under the weather too. But I happened to fling Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake on today, and it cheered me up good and proper. I love the footage of them performing the album as well, and Happy Days Toy Town is just such a brilliantly uplifting song. Both lyrics and performance. So here it is, and I hope it cheers up anyone else who might be feeling gloomy out there…

Life is just a bowl of All-Bran
You wake up every morning and it’s there
So live as only you can
It’s all about enjoy it ‘cos ever since you saw it
There aint no one can take it away.

So life is just a bowl of All-Bran – very true!
What you say has made it very clear
To be sure I’ll live as best as I can
But how can I remember to keep it all together
When half the moon is taken away?

Well, I’ve got the very thing
If you can laugh and sing
Give me those happy days toytown newspaper smiles
Clap twice, lean back, twist for a while
When you’re untogether and feeling out of tune
Sing this special song with me, don’t worry ’bout the moon
Looks after itself

Steve: Can I have a go?
Ron: Yes
Steve: Yeah?
Ron: Sing now:

Give me those happy days toytown newspaper smile
Clap twice, lean back, twist for a while
Well now you’ve got the hang of it
There’s nothing you can’t do with it
If you’re very tuned to it you can’t go wrong.


3 Comments on “Give me those happy days toytown newspaper smiles”

  1. Helga says:

    I'd like to feel up Richard O'Sullivan.

  2. smashingbird says:

    I have to say you have fabulous taste in fellas, Barry Evans – yum. Ronnie is my bestest small face too. Love that album, they have to be my favourite 60s band. I wish you could get the entire Colour Me Pop with them doing Odgen's, damn bbc and their erasing!

  3. Ooooh, saucy ;)Smashingbird, why thank you. And the same goes for you. I thought the BBC did have the complete Small Faces edition? Or is it just excerpts?

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