Veruschka: A re-think

She’s starting to grow on me; I think it’s jawline empathy or something. Sexy guy; very well dressed, as well. I think there was a series of these, and I will scan more if I find them again.

From The Sunday Times Magazine, February 21st 1971


5 Comments on “Veruschka: A re-think”

  1. CalamityJem says:

    He outfit in this advert is absolutely amazing!…xXx

  2. So jealous – I wish I looked like Veruschka! And I have to agree with the above poster… that outfit is top notch. xo

  3. Her outfit is extraordinary, isn't it?Oh goodness, *I* wish I looked like her as well!!

  4. WendyB says:

    She took some GREAT photos!

  5. laurakitty says:

    Veruschka is one of my favourites- I love how feline she looks. Love the man too- why do men no longer look like that? it's not fair!

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