Dear Vintage Gods,


I promise, if you send me this Varon dress, I will be a good girl. Never wear underwear with my Ossies, never hang my John Bates dresses next to anything Mary Quant, never mix Bus Stop and Biba and, most importantly of all, I will wear this dress everywhere I possibly can. Cos it’s just too perfect for words.

Thank you, vintage Gods.

Yours Hopefully in Tricel,

Miss Peelpants xx

4 Comments on “Dear Vintage Gods,”

  1. I'm praying for your dream to come true. I love the criss cross leather or ribbon wound up the arm as an accessory.Thanks for wise words tooxx

  2. Wishing you luck with your prayers! Would definitely be a lovely dress for long summer evenings.

  3. WendyB says:

    I love taunting Ossie Clark by wearing undies with his dresses. Take that, Ossie!

  4. chris jagger says:

    its kari ann moller now kari ann jagger….dontya know??

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