Wardrobe envy: Kay Francis

I generally assume that, were I around in the Thirties, I would probably be Claudette Colbert. She’s now facing some tough competition from the gorgeous Hollywood clothes-horse Kay Francis. Mainly for her wardrobe, but I love her hair as well.


9 Comments on “Wardrobe envy: Kay Francis”

  1. Wow, those are some remarkable clothes and she's gorgeous as well! Thanks for the picture roundup!

  2. WendyB says:

    Her part terrifies me!

  3. Susan says:

    Pure, unadulterated glamour – those designs create such beautiful silhouettes.

  4. SR@MyStyle says:

    Hi there-so very glamorous and stylish, thanks for sharing these!!

  5. Amazing, breathtaking and awesome! Sure beats the "celebrities" of today.Vixxx

  6. I love the 1930's and their use of sequins…I especially love the sequined dress with cap sleeves! That's the sort of thing I want to get married in.

  7. smashingbird says:

    Amazing pics, what a stunner!

  8. luxhedera says:

    I had never heard of her until I read your post. So glamourous and so many details and definition, thanks for sharing!

  9. MissRayne says:

    Gorgeous frocks, enviable hair, perfectly symmetrical face, cute sexy voice, got to work with William Powell a lot. Perfect 10.

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