Get Wetter in Brighton

Get Wetter in Brighton

Oh how I would love to have some of these outfits (and some ‘Kinky Kaps’) for running around on Brighton beach…especially given the appalling weather lately!

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Petticoat, January, 1967.

Get Wetter in Brighton
Get Wetter in Brighton
Get Wetter in Brighton
Get Wetter in Brighton
Get Wetter in Brighton
Get Wetter in Brighton
Get Wetter in Brighton


6 Comments on “Get Wetter in Brighton”

  1. Fabulous looks!Wahhhh you fluffed the dress. I loved the dress, I loved the orchestra and singing but…the production sucked. I had to shut my eyes through most of it just to hear the lovely voices and the instruments. And you of course did a marvellous job.

  2. MrJeffery says:

    These are so cool! Love the red slicker and the pale blue coats. Wish we saw these textures and colors more often today.

  3. honeyboney says:

    oh my i need a shiny rain coat with a matching hat right now!!! or that marveous blue cape… or the coat that looks like a dress in the first pic… i love them all… if you ever have anything like that in your shop you already found a buyer in me :Dand i want to go to brighton!

  4. Penny says:

    The raincoats featured in the beginning have to be my favorite. I only wish I looked that good when it rained.

  5. luxhedera says:

    I love that quilted coat with the long black zipper on Petticoat's spread number 3. Kind of reminds me of a 60's white jacket with black embroidered snowflakes and trimmings and a hood. I used to own. It was fantastically retro.

  6. wilthomer says:

    Great blog I've stumbled upon here!

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