Strange Fashion Collaborations: Bill Gibb Nail Polish


I’ve seen variations of this advert across several Vogues I own, and it always baffles me. I mean, I don’t see why Gibb shouldn’t have done such a thing, but it also seems at odds with the ‘crap businessman’ label usually attached to him. It does make one wonder. He might easily have ventured down the road marked ‘mediocrity through licensing’, so well trodden by so many.

Perhaps there simply wasn’t much call for nail polish to match your Gibb frock. Perhaps they didn’t really match very well, they certainly don’t in the advert. Perhaps this is actually an example of his crap businessmanship? Very curious indeed….



3 Comments on “Strange Fashion Collaborations: Bill Gibb Nail Polish”

  1. laurakitty says:

    Oooo, I want some of that nail polish!I haven't even seen your Bill Gibb and I already want it- I'm first on the list, alright?!

  2. gosh that nail varnish does remind me of women's talons at the time – it use to scare me as a child!

  3. Laura – I will email you for first refusal! 😉 There did used to be something quite scary about nail varnish when I was a kid….I wonder what it is about it?

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