Chain Reaction

The lovely Smashingbird commented on my Diana Rigg birthday post that she’d love to see more pictures of the amazing chain strap black dress. Well, I probably have far too many shots of that dress, and it’s certainly one of my favourites, so I figured a blog post about one dress wasn’t too ridiculous. Not that I’m concerned about ridicule of course, I have done several posts about Doctor Who companions after all.

It also helps that the dress was worn for the Assassination Bureau press junket, and therefore there are a few shots of the dress with Olly Reed wrapped around it. I think all good dresses should come with a complimentary Oliver Reed.

If anyone ever finds out who made this dress, I would be eternally grateful. You’d think I would know, wouldn’t you? Sigh…

Yeah, yeah, I know you can’t see the dress here. But it’s there. It’s just behind Olly.


3 Comments on “Chain Reaction”

  1. MissRayne says:

    Yup, thats quite a lot of photos of one dress:)

  2. alan davies says:

    It was a good idea since you cannot have too many photos.

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