Pimm’s and Tuffin

Awww…..now I want it to be summer and to be sat blowing bubbles, wearing fab early Seventies frilly clown-like Foale and Tuffin clothes and drinking Pimm’s.

I’m blowing a big loud raspberry to winter and to my severe lack of F&T clown clothes……I wonder if saying “Pimm’s!” loudly really works?

3 Comments on “Pimm’s and Tuffin”

  1. Sharon Rose says:

    Hi there-I’m with you on that, the last time I had Pimms was at the blogger get together last year in Harvey Nichols, very decadent!!

  2. WendyB says:

    BWAH!!! Sharon, I was just about to post “I had a pitcher of Pimms with Sharon Rose and Times of Glory last time I was in London”!

  3. You’re both making me envious again because I stupidly missed it! Waahhhh! When are you coming back? 😉

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