Beautiful Bolan, Awesome Alkasura…..

I thought my Bolan jacket was something else. Then I saw this beauty, currently listed (probably with whopping great big reserve, quite rightly) on eBay.

Not only is it a Marc Bolan-worn piece, it’s also by Alkasura – whose pieces are the sartorial equivalent of hens teeth.

If some millionaire wishes to purchase this piece for me, I’d be very grateful!


6 Comments on “Beautiful Bolan, Awesome Alkasura…..”

  1. Sharon Rose says:

    This is certainly a beautiful jacket!!

  2. Paris says:

    I’m so happy, i’ve just by chance come across your blog as a result of googling ‘bridget bardot fashion icon’ I’m thoroughly enjoying all that I see! I’m researching icons and there’s plenty of info here! Paris xx

  3. laurakitty says:

    Oh Lord, that is amazing!

  4. WendyB says:

    Wow, did you see how much it went for?

  5. Hayley says:

    Hi there, I came across your site when looking for "Alkasura" as it's on the label of a Marc Bolan jacket i've had for a very long time. Have you any idea how much it's worth? It's silver with "Angel face" in sequins on the back.

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