Vintage Adverts: Barbarella by Bourdin

barbarella bourdin jourdan april 1975

Charles Jourdan advert for ‘Barbarella’ shoes. Photographed by Guy Bourdin.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, April 1975

Inspirational Images: Untitled by James Wedge


Photographed and hand-tinted by James Wedge.

Scanned from The Sunday Times Book of Body Maintenance, 1978.

(Original commission/publication unknown),

Vintage Adverts: Play it with warm lips and soft eyes…

Coty Advert - Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vanity Fair. November 1968

Three pretty maids all in a row…

I apologise to the beauty on the left, I don’t know her name, but lovely to see another early shot of the divine Miss Joanna Lumley and, of course, the beautiful Ingrid Boulting.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vanity Fair, November 1968

Inspirational Images: Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty by Rebecca Blake

Photographed by Rebecca Blake. Fashion by Albert Capraro. Jewels by Fred Leighton.

Scanned from Rebecca Blake: Forbidden Dreams (1984)

I can’t quite believe it’s been nearly two months since I last blogged. I promise I haven’t gone away for good, I’ve just been incredibly busy working away from Vintage-a-Peel for all this time. The website is still up, I’m still on Etsy, and there will be new listings in July. You can also find me still posting away on Instagram, so please do follow me over there if you’re there too.

Today I stumbled across this dreamy book by Rebecca Blake, a New York-based photographer whose work informed and was used in the cult classic film, The Eyes of Laura Mars. It’s safe to say that I’m smitten, not least because she also directed the music videos for ‘Kiss’ and ‘Cream’ for Prince and photographed Duran Duran for the cover of Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

Inspirational Images: These Women Are Dangerous

john kelly these women are dangerous cosmo may 72

Vivien Neves is every man’s idea (at least twice a week) of what a woman should be, and most women’s idea (some of the time) of what they’d secretly like to be, could be, or – in a few cases – actually are. At twenty-three, Vivien is Britain’s top nude model. She’s the one who got everyone going in the electricity ad, sitting at a dressing table in slip and rollers. She’s the one who advertises cigars on television by slopping about in Caribbean waters in a T-shirt. And she’s the one who appeared full-page nude in an advert in The Times, forsooth – “people haven’t stopped talking about my nipples ever since.”.

Talk about Viven’s nipples must have stopped at some point, but that’s stil quite an achievement! This stunning photo illustrates an article about dangerously attractive women, also including Joan Bakewell and Edna O’Brien (just in case you thought it was all about nipples). Neves, who sadly died in 2003, was photographer John Kelly’s girlfriend at the time (they would later marry) and you can tell by the way he’s photographed her so beautifully here.

Photographed by John Kelly.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Cosmopolitan, May 1972

Inspirational Images: Secrets of a 1974 Siren

Swooning sailors never knew that seaweed and shark's oil were responsible for their tempresses' looks.

Swooning sailors never knew that seaweed and shark’s oil were responsible for their tempresses’ looks.

A stunning photo, an incidental to illustrate a beauty article, which pre-dates the legendary Roxy Music cover for ‘Siren’ with Jerry Hall.

Photographed by Jim Lee.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Harpers and Queen, June 1974.

Inspirational Editorials: We like Paris Fashion when it sizzles

"Paris is different, it is full of people in search of one another," says Louise. "Any girl is sexy when she's in love," says Christiana. Pink tank top and red skirt both by Sonia Rykiel at Browns. Striped sweater by Kenzo at Jap.

“Paris is different, it is full of people in search of one another,” says Louise. “Any girl is sexy when she’s in love,” says Christiana. Pink tank top and red skirt both by Sonia Rykiel at Browns. Striped sweater by Kenzo at Jap.

Those famous twenty-five million Frenchmen can’t be wrong. They fancy French girls a lot (a recent L’Express opinion poll revealed that the average Frenchman makes love to 11.8 women in his life). What is it about French girls that makes them so special? They aren’t so pretty as most English girls, but they try harder. They smell sexier, exude more confience, put themselves together better. Think of Bardot, Anouk Aimee, Catherine Deneuve. For all the GB girls who’d like to look like BB and AA the fashion buyers flock to Paris in search of the real “style francais”: sweaters for a movie star profile, trousers to give the bottom a lift, dresses that pay for their dinner in chic. A French label gives cachet although the price tag is not cheap. But it’s worth every penny — when he’s in the mood for l’amour. Just add Beaujolais and serve. We like Paris fashion when it sizzles … this little lot almost burns the pages and you can buy them all here.

Three Paris types. Two blondes and a tough in black leather. Is France all Gauloises and love in the afternoon? Louise, Roberto and Christiana wear the new clothes and give us their views.

Photographed by Alice Springs.

Fashion by Deirdre McSharry.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Cosmopolitan, February 1973

cosmo alice springs paris feb 73 b

“Love is an art in France,” says Christiana. “We live it.” Roberto comments: “French girls look like they are going to be dynamite, but they are not.” Blue pleated dress by Cacharel.

cosmo alice springs paris feb 73 c

“French girls rely on their personality not on their beauty,” says Louise. “I don’t dig that coquette bit,” retorts Roberto. Dotted red dress by Christian Aujard.

cosmo alice springs paris feb 73 d

“How old am I? I never know. Age is not important here,” says Christiana. Says Roberto: “I’ve had a dozen French girl friends. After the third they were all alike.” Vanilla shirt suit in flannel and green shirt by Cacharel.


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