Left: Janice Wainwright at Simon Massey / Right: Kadix

I didn’t quite realise how HUGE this spread in Honey, from December 1969, was until I began to scan it. And you can see for yourself. But I think it was worth it, because it’s a really gorgeously done shoot with a delightful conceit. One of these days I’m going to run away and join a circus. Although I’d have to be a clown, considering how clutzy and goofy I am (and my lack of all other circus skills…)

Since scheduling this blog post the other day, I have accidentally proven my total clumsiness by falling over and hitting my head very hard. I’m going to have to take it easy for a couple of weeks, so posts here and listings on the website may be erratic, depending on how I’m feeling day-to-day. Thank you for bearing with me….

Left: John Marks / Right: Clobber

Left: Louis Caring / Right: Lizzy Carr

Angela Gore

Above, below and cover:- Left: Janice Wainwright for Simon Massey / Right: Marlborough

Both: Janice Wainwright at Simon Massey

Left: Angela at London Town / Right: Dolly Day

Left: Lizzy Carr / Right: Shirt by John Craig, trousers by Gordon King


Left: Paul Sebastian at Gordon King / Right: Pourelle

Both by Radley

Photos by Roy A. Giles taken at Billy Smart’s Circus

Geeky Games

Sincerest apologies for the lack of posting, I’ve been on a little trip down to the West Country and (as yet) don’t have much in the way of mobile internet access. I’m lining up some [hopefully] fabulous blog posts to make amends, and some new website listings, but until then I thought I would share my new charity shop game. Since there’s a distinct lack of interesting gear in charity shops these days (especially the Portassed ones), even in the middle of nowhere, I have to make do with geeking out over LP covers.


Look!! It’s Foale and Tuffin on the cover of a naff Gilbert O’Sullivan covers album (the back cover credits the photo to Pimm’s so it must be from the aforementioned Pimm’s and Tuffin shoot).

Look!! It’s Janice Wainwright for Simon Massey!!! On a Hammond Party Album!!

More to come when I find them…

Put some Vintage-a-Peel into your Autumn wardrobe….

Janice Wainwright

Ongoing, as ever, but I’ve put up some new listings over at Vintage-a-Peel for your delectation. Two things have already sold (hurrah for me and my gorgeous buyers, not so hurrah if you wanted them, but there’s plenty more to come!) but there’s just a whole host of beautiful new pieces to choose from.

Forbidden Fruit

Jacqui Smale for Spectrum

Wallis Shops

Catherine Buckley

Frank Usher

Hang Ups, Too

Lee Bender for Bus Stop

unsigned 1970s moss crepe


Bridget at Strawberry Studio

Yvonne Jacovou at Cornelius


unsigned 1930s

John Bates for Jean Varon

Kiki Byrne


It seems a bit strange to be relaunching the site after yesterday’s terrible news about McQueen. He was one of the few modern designers I had any respect for, because he was original and strived to be different. I never had the money or occasion to buy any of his work, but I do vividly recall gasping in delight at his work in Harrods (when I was 18 and used to go around there for kicks, and sneer at the finishing on certain other designers’ garments) and toddling off down the road to buy a very, very McQueen-y rip-off in Miss Selfridge. He had that kind of effect on you; his clothes (after you stripped away the spectacular catwalk shows) were pure genius and extremely womanly. May he rest in peaches (see my previous post about YSL).

Designers like him are what inspires people like me into our little niches in the fashion world, and I thank him profusely for that.

So…yeah…the website is back up. It’s been a bit Remade/Remodelled…..and definitely restocked. There’s Ossie, Biba, Janice, JohnB, Billy, Lee Bender; basically you need to go and have a look, don’t you? Go on, you know you want to…..

Flashbacks of a Fool: Nice style, shame about the plot.

I’ve signed up to LoveFilm in an attempt to cut down the amount of DVDs I seem to accumulate. It’s also frustrating to take a gamble on a film you might not like, or feel the need to watch more than once. As if to prove why this was a good plan, my first film was Flashbacks of a Fool – which Paul Gorman mentioned recently because there’s a Janice Wainwright piece in it (although, strangely, it’s worn by Keeley Hawes in the modern section of the film…but hey-ho!). I had felt a desire to see it at the time, what glam-rock-loving person wouldn’t? But it didn’t have great reviews, and I just sort of forgot. As I so often do.

It’s stylish, no doubt about it. And well worth watching for this reason. Antony Price gear (in his Che Guevara days), a replica of the BryanGod’s lustworthy sparkly jacket and this most beautiful section where Ruth and Joe mime to If There Is Something. Her outfit here reminds me of why, every single time I look at the cover of that first Roxy album, I want a wardrobe full of pink and blue satin. And she’s pinched my mantra: “Think…Roxy girl”.

Flashbacks of a Fool – If There Is Something

But the film really falls down on the very thin premise. There’s little or no real character development and most people seem to have just turned up on set, lines in their head and a lot of exposition to spout (poor Keeley gets the worst of this, as Joe’s sister, but handles it admirably). Emilia Fox is hilariously bad as an American, and as a drug dealer.

Basically, I didn’t want to come out of the Seventies section and then, when we did, I was wondering why the storyline had been so dull. Joe was a wannabe Glam Rocker, fancied a pretty girl, shagged the neighbour instead, ran away for 25 years (early Seventies plus 25 years equals late 1990s….so I haven’t got the foggiest why they were, apparently, setting it in 2008) and returns home, only to mooch around a bit looking moody. Yes, yes, Daniel Craig has built a career on that, but it’s not enough for this film. Is he really a changed man by the end? It’s a remarkable volte-face if so, and not really justified by anything we see or hear.

I didn’t feel particularly connected to any of the characters, and the locations were very peculiar. If you’re trying to connect to the nostalgia in your audience, why on earth set it in a location where very few people would have lived (I think it must be an Essex estuary….but who the hell knows?). Yet it was almost trying too hard at other points, tugging at the nostalgia strings, such as the whole ‘choose between Ferry and Bowie’ conversation and the artfully ‘placed’ posters of The Sweet (et al) in the background.

Top marks for costume design and music choices; everything else gets a B-. Must try harder. Go watch Velvet Goldmine. Although I don’t know why I’m surprised, given the hefty involvement of all those White Cube gallery-types. I know glam rock was all about the ‘image’, but this film just demonstrates how even the glam image and sound was full of soul. Modern art and ‘style’ gurus can only fantasize about such things. If you’re signed up to LoveFilm, definitely try it on for size. If nothing else, you can ogle the clothes and Daniel Craig.

Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay (of e)

Because I don’t want any of you to miss out, I would just like to point out a few gems I have over on eBay at the moment. There’s John Bates, Janice Wainwright, Frank Usher, Mr Freedom, Horrockses, Miss Mouse….and those are only the labelled pieces. There are also some gorgeous little gems without designer attribution but with a whole lot of style and appeal. Please do go check them out, while I carry on with some new website listings….oh yeah, much MUCH more to come!! Keep ‘em peeled….

Un-dress with Sally Tuffin

Well I had no idea that the awesome Sally Tuffin did a range for Charnos. I know Ossie did, and I know Janice Wainwright did a range for Golden Charm, but this is a new one on me. I wantwantwant this dress.

Oh how I do love Seventies loungewear. It fits in beautifully with my dream world where I have the Hulanicki wallpaper, my Biba lightshade in use and a shagpile carpet…

Vogue. March 1973

Took my own sweet time I know….

…but here are some new website listings!! I know you’ll all be so excited you can barely keep upright, right? Probably a bit late for Christmas, but as we all know….Vintage is for life, not just for Christmas Parties.

Jeff Banks blouse – for the inner Carmen Miranda

Miss Mouse suit – who says you can’t snuggle in style?
With a heavy dollop of groupie girl attitude, a rare Carnaby Street original by Aristos

and lastly, some shimmering, sparkly Janice Wainwright magic

Peacocks and Wainwrights…

Some may be negatively superstitious about Peacock feathers, but I prefer to take the more positive superstitions on board where Peacocks and their feathers are regarded as protectors and have mystical powers to benefit the soul.

Seems Janice Wainwright had the same opinion. I knew the woman was a genius!

Exquisitely embroidered and appliquéd, this skirt suit by British Boutique legend Janice Wainwright is one of the most stunning examples of her work I’ve ever had the pleasure of handling. The back of the jacket is entirely smothered in the gorgeous peacock and its plumage, with a handful of flowers and leaves surrounding it.

The rest of the outfit might as well be a potato sack because really the focus of the ensemble is this back. But luckily, Janice was in the habit of creating stunningly tailored and very wearable suits – of which this is one of the best! I love the fact that the optional belt for the jacket is embroidered to match, with the peacock feathers at each end. Iconic and of the highest quality, a classic and a collectable in one fell swoop! Available over at Vintage-a-Peel.

Vintage-a-Peel listings: Cheetahs and Annacats and….er, Bibas….oh my!

New over at Vintage-a-Peel (quite literally hot off the press!) I have just listed a fabulous cheetah print Janice Wainwright maxi dress, the twin of one of my favourite Annacat dresses, a black jersey Jean Varon maxi with a distinct twist in the tail and a superbly archetypal Biba dress. Enjoy!!


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